With this year almost over and many still struggling to get a GPU many users are giving up and getting older used video cards.

While this may get your PC up and running, now is the wrong time to give in. Starting Next month we will likely see the market flood with 2060 12GB cards from Nvidia. Now while they are a previous generation card they are still leaps and bounds better than that old GTX 1070 you're going to buy from ebay for an inflated price.

Shortly after the 2060 12GB floods the market, we're expecting new product launches from nVidia.

Rumors are we will see the following Nvidia Cards Early Next year:

  • 3070TI 12GB
  • 3080 12GB
  • 3090TI 24GB

Right around the same time that nVidia launches their 2 cards, AMD is rumored to drop two lower end cards.

  • RX6400
  • RX6500

And finally shortly after this we are going to see INTEL step into the GPU Arena with their ARC GPU’s.

We Expect the intel ARC GPU’s to perform well but not as good as Nvidia, we do however expect ARC GPU’S to be much cheaper.

This is just the start of next year, the end of next year will bring about brand new generations from nVidia and AMD.

So stand strong and don’t give in, Tech is coming.